Code of Conduct  

This is a three-way agreement between swimmers, coaches and parents.

ALL swimmers shall:

  • Attend all training sessions where possible.
  • Inform the Team Manager if unable to attend the training sessions. For continuous absence without prior notification, at the  discretion of the club’s committee, swimmers may be expelled from the team..
  • Arrive for training on time and be prepared and ready to swim at commencement of training.
  • Pay attention to the coaches when they are speaking and follow the instructions given.
  • Behave appropriately in the water whilst instructions are given. Not to disrupt any other swimmers who are in the water and should respect their fellow swimmers at all times.
  • Turn up early for the swimming competitions whenever selected to represent the club, complete with club T-shirt. Notify the Team Manager as soon as possible if unable to attend.
  • Do and say nothing that will bring the Club into disrepute.
  • Never discuss or share Club’s training programs with non-members.
  • Not bring any non-Club members during the training program.
  • Bring along their identification pass when coming for training failing which they may not be allowed entry into AIMST sports complex.

The Coaches shall:

  • Adhere to the coaches’ code of ethics.
  • Endeavor to increase the performance of all swimmers.
  • Treat all swimmers equally, fairly and sympathetically.
  • Listen and take on board the swimmers views, explanations and problems.
  • Be fair when disciplining swimmers.
  • Remember that life is not just swimming.
  • Give swimmers the benefit of doubt.
  • BE POSITIVE about a swimmers efforts.

Parents shall:

  • Ensure that their child / children come for training on time.
  • Ensure that they are on the premises at all times if their child / children are below 10 years old.
  • Encourage their child / children to wear club T. Shirt during competitions and during accreditation.
  • Ensure their child / children are properly and adequately attired and bring along all the training equipments for their training   sessions, such as swimming cap, goggles, kick board, pull buoy, etc.
  • Appreciate the effort put in by all swimmers whether at training sessions or at competitions.
  • When selected for a competition, make every effort to ensure the swimmer will attend.
  • As a parent seek ways to help the Club whichever way possible.
  • BE POSITIVE about their child's swimming achievements.

1. Title

1.1 The name of the Club shall be Sungai Petani Aquatic Club.

1.2 The Club colours shall be ORANGE, BLUE and BLACK.

2. Objectives

2.1 The primary objective of the club is the promotion of and instruction in the arts of competitive swimming and championship meetings. To achieve this objective:-

Swimmers are taught the correct techniques to maximise their potential.

The Club provides opportunities for swimmers to take part in competitive swimming through participation in local and national swim meets.

Swimmers are encouraged to compete in the swim meets deemed appropriate by club members and coaches.

2.2 The Club is committed to treat everyone equally within the context of its activity. This shall be, for example, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability or political persuasion, on any grounds.

3. Affiliations

3.1 The Club shall be affiliated to the (Persatuan Renang Amatur Kedah) PRAK and Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (ASUM) and shall abide by the laws laid down by these bodies.

3.2 The business and affairs of the Club shall at all times be conducted in accordance with the Laws and Technical Rules of ASUM.

4. Membership

4.1 Membership of SPAC shall be opened to any individual regardless of race, religion, creed, ethnic background, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.

4.2 All training/competing members must be Sungai Petani Aquatic Club active member and shall represent SPAC for any local and national meets. Members are prohibited from representing other clubs in swim meets without acknowledging the Team Manager in advance. All requests pertaining to withdrawal from swim meets or swim team must be acknowledged in a written form atleast 14 days ahead.    

4.3 Swimmers who have left the team to join other swim team shall not be allowed to rejoin the team.

4.4 All swimming members must have been a member for at least 28 days prior to the start of any swimming meets.

4.5 SPAC members must adhere to the club’s Code of Conduct at all times.

5. Training Schedule/Fees

5.1 Training will be run 4 days in a week, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

5.2 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday classes are from 7.00pm – 9.00pm. Friday class is from 8.30am – 10.30am.

5.3 Parents are kindly requested to inform the Team Manager if their child could not attend any class.

5.4 Coaches: Monday (Mr. Murthy), Tuesday (Ms. Sue Anne), Thursday (Mr. Ken Seow) and Friday (Mr. Wong Tong Poh).

5.5 Parents with one swimming child would be charged a sum of RM 200 per month. Parents with two or more children will be charged RM 180 per child per month. Payment should be made on the 1st week of every month.

6. Declaration

I hereby fully understand and acknowledge to abide by Sungai Petani Aquatic Club Code of Conduct.

I understand that the club will take necessary action deemed appropriate if I do not uphold this agreement.